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About Us

“Based on the foundation of business integrity, quality, and top-rated variety, LMT Cosmetics is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry while delivering a package of confidence, prudence, and elegance.”

LMT Cosmetics is a black-owned beauty brand that is dedicated to making people feel good. Our mission is to ensure the complete satisfaction and well-being of our clients, high-performance cosmetics, and promote innovation, maximum efficiency, competitiveness, and social responsibility. We aim to be recognized by always trying to reach an understanding between one's beauty and well-being.

Originated in Detroit, Michigan in 2018, as a brand we are establishing feminine comfort in employing our products. Being called upon by the customers as a beauty expert lends credence to our diversified inventory - rich in ethically sourced, incredibly natural-looking, and cruelty-free components.

We endeavor to accumulate the best of the best beauty brands, hair wefts, and trending clothing to evoke the real personality lurking from the outer world. Our team of professional, vetted specialists is highly focused on giving an unhackneyed countenance to your everyday look.

“Lady, you are beautiful in all possible ways, we are simply intending to create a wholesome beauty quotient!”

Ready to blend will all hair types and colors, our exceptionally highest hair quality hair extensions will scrimp your budget in the long run and will save you from having to shop over and over. Our hair bundles are extracted from a single donor without processing them under any chemicals, additives, or blending.

It is our distinctive approach that impels us to be finer than the previous day and consequently, we keep on introducing the latest creations to our store at the most economical prices possible. 

Fly in the face of cosmetics conventions with LMT Cosmetics - you deserve nothing short of eloquently best.