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False Eyelashes Will Damage My Natural Lashes?

The short answer is no. They will not damage your natural eyelashes! However, when applying and removing your falsies there are a few tips you need to know. If false eyelashes are removed incorrectly i.e ripping of your lashes, yes they will damage both the falsies and natural lashes. This is because you are pulling on your lashes which may result in pulling out some of your natural lashes. However, if you follow our guide, false eyelashes will NEVER damage your natural lashes!

How to AVOID damage to both your falsies and natural lashes:

Good Quality Lash Adhesive

1. Applying your false eyelashes with a good quality glue will keep your natural lashes and your falsies in great condition. Your falsies will be much easier to remove and easier to clean.


The right amount of Lash Adhesive

2. Always make sure you apply a thin layer of glue to your falsies. This will make the removal of the falsies much easier. However, don’t worry your lashes will still stay on all day!


Removing False Eyelashes

3. When removing your falsies, DO NOT simply yank them off… we know its tempting after a long day. But over time this will pull on your natural lashes, removing some. A quick and simple removal solution is using an oil based cleanser or some baby oil. This will wipe your lashes straight off like a dream! It will also give your natural lashes a little moisture boost!

Give your lashes some TLC

4. Be sure to give your lashes some TLC by washing them. Yes, you can soak them! Simply grab some Lash shampoo and water or some micellar water. You can also give your lashes a good clean with a cotton bud dipped in some makeup remover, micellar water or Alcohol and before you know it, your babies will be as good as new!

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